Stand construction

The Exhibition floor is THE place to connect with your prospects. You want to use your chance to present your company in the best possible way.
To connect people is also important to us, that’s why personal contact is necessary during the process.
The development of your stand presentation includes your needs and wishes regarding your corporate identity products and all other goals you want to present.
The elements can be custom made so everything is possible. We guaranty a high quality product. Your stand will be creative and exclusive.
Custom made) elements can be stored in our warehouse and be reused at the next Exhibition. We can rebuild the same stand lay out or a different set-up. This will save you money and will also be better for the environment too.

A small stand or a large stand, our designers will surprise you with an original stand design to represent your firm in the best way at each Exhibition.
Everything in the process is planned carefully. Most elements are prepared at our workshop so we are capable to produce and build your stand within a very short time schedule.
This will give you enough time to decorate your stand.